Diabetes Risk

Could you be at risk?

With 280 Australians diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every day, you could be at risk. You may be at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes if you:

• Have a family history of diabetes
• Are over 40 years old
• Are physically inactive and/or have poor nutrition
• Are a smoker
• Have high blood pressure

Aspley Day & Night Pharmacy offer a Diabetes risk assessment in store for a small fee.

• An HbA1c finger prick blood test – measures the amount of glucose (sugar) attached to your red blood cells. The test provides a measure of whether there has been too much sugar in your blood over the previous 3 months.
• Weight Management advice
• Lifestyle advice

If not managed properly, diabetes can lead to many other health complications. Areas that can be affected include: feet, eyes, weight, quality of sleep, kidneys, bladder and heart. Ask our pharmacist for more information.